On the shores of the Ugandan side of Lake Victoria, there is a fisherman's town named Kasensero. Throughout Uganda, it is known for its prosperous fishing as well as infamous for being related to curses and tragedies.It was there that the first cases of HIV/AIDS in Uganda were reported back in 1982. In 1994 they experienced the Rwanda Genocide in a very unique way.

Regi och manus: Ernesto Sánchez Valdés

Klipp: Erika Gonzales

Producent: Marielle Mvuanda Riström Mvuanda Filmproduktion - Ernesto Sánchez Valdés OLOFILMS 

Today, when many of those who witnessed the harshest times have passed away or left the town, the history, past and memories of the town are in the minds of the few people who still live there. Kasensero and its inhabitants have traveled similar paths; their lives have been shaped by all the experiences the town has been through. The images of their memories, the spoken words, and newspapers headlines will comprise this documentary where it seems that the history of this place can provide the answer to the complexity of its present and the future to come. 

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